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All the content, tools & support you need

to move from Anxious to Secure

& thrive in your relationships  

For only $67/month


Relationships can be loving,
reciprocal & easy. 
Let me show you how. 


Secure is for you if you want to...


Release obsessive thinking & anxiety. Instead experience inner-peace, contentment & self-trust.  


Stop chasing or choosing avoidant partners. Instead attract reciprocal & healthy love


Stop people-pleasing. Learn to set boundaries easily & effortlessly, without guilt or shame 


Stop second-guessing yourself. Know how to tell the difference between fear or intuition when dating or in a relationship 


Release feelings of loneliness. Instead feel connected, whole & at peace 


Stop shape-shifting for others. Instead, reconnect with your authentic self, your needs & desires.  


Stop fearing conflict. Instead, learn how to confidently navigate difficult conversations in relationships & repair.

This membership is both for single and partnered individuals.


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Break free from unhealthy
relationship patterns 
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Feel confident & set boundaries with ease.
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Feel calm, connected
& at peace. 

Ready to start your journey toward self-confidence, self-worth & secure relationships?

For only $67/month


You will get access to my signature program "Healing Anxious Attachment", all my other courses & masterclasses,

plus live monthly masterclasses, Q&As,

guest talks & a supportive community.

These are some key topics covered:

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A Calm Body & Mind


Release anxiety & regulate your nervous system


Reconnect with your core needs & desires 


Minimize obsessive thinking


Understand & navigate anxious attachment


Release limiting beliefs 


Learn the difference between fear & intuition

Healing the Inner Child


Heal your mother & father wound


Heal abandonment, neglect & betrayal wounds


Break the pattern of choosing avoidant, narcissistic

& emotionally unavailable partners


Release fear of loneliness & abandonment


Heal your trust wounds & cultivate self-compassion


Release trauma & heal attachment wounds

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Boundaries, Self-Confidence & 


Step into your authenticity & vulnerability


Set boundaries & communicate your needs


Feel strong, grounded & confident 


Feel rooted in self-worth & self-love


Trust yourself & release self-doubt 


Attract & choose people who are good for you & your nervous system 

Secure Dating & Relationships


Learn how to build secure friendships & partnerships


Master dating with anxious attachment & learn how to navigate the anxious-avoidant dance.  


Learn conflict resolution skills & expressing your needs (without pushing people away). 


Heal your trust wounds & cultivate self-compassion


Embody secure attachment so you can experience a deeply fulfilling, mature relationship where you feel seen, loved, and adored

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Are you ready to feel confident,
strong & secure in your relationships?

For only $67/month

Client Transformations

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Just a few years ago I was overcome by loneliness & sick and tired of attracting one-sided relationships that were a source of hurt and anxiety. I used to settle for less than I deserved, I struggled to set boundaries and I always felt unappreciated. And most importantly I had this yearning for love that was excruciating. It felt like a void in my heart.

Sound familiar?

Following two spiritual awakenings, traveling to over 50 countries, 1000s of hours of studying, inner work & facing my demons I managed to heal my attachment wounds and remember who I truly was. The result?

Confidence, inner peace, self-worth, self-trust & reciprocal, loving relationships. I am now living my dream life in Bali from a place of wholeness & I want to help you achieve the same. 

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Copy of FREE MASTERCLASS PROMO - STORY (Facebook Cover) (Facebook Post (Square)) (1).jpg

I am here to help you remember who you are. Yes. It is 100% possible to heal your early attachment wounds and come back to your true, authentic Self. It's time for you to have the deep intimacy, connection, inner peace, and reciprocal relationships you desire. 


I have created an incredible trauma-informed framework using positive psychology, somatic attachment therapy, inner child work, subconscious reprogramming, CBT, parts work, compassionate inquiry, spirituality, and more!


I have taken the best modalities I have encountered both personally & professionally and created a value-packed program that will transform the way you relate to yourself, others, and the world.



Bridging science & spirituality


My Qualifications 

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I have an Masters in Science (MSc) in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London, a Diploma of Personal Coaching from Kingstown College, Dublin, I'm a certified EFT and Pranic Healing Practitioner. I also have a certificate in "Embodied Attachment Therapy" from the Embody Lab and multiple certifications in trauma-informed modalities & coaching. 


"After the program, my anxiety levels have decreased by 80%...I don't feel alone anymore...for the first time in my life I feel confident, secure,'s like there isn't anything I can't tackle."

Do you also want to feel
confident,calm & secure?

"I've read books, done tons of years of talk therapy, but this program hit all the marks for me. I feel empowered. I believe in myself more. I have more self-trust."


Membership Inclusions 

You will get access to all my courses + live monthly workshops, Q&A calls & a loving community

Healing Anxious Attachment - My signature 8-week program with recorded masterclasses & interactive workbooks (Worth $2200)

 Monthly live workshops and Q&A calls to go deeper 

 Community area where you can post your questions and get tailored support from Cassandra + interact with likeminded members

✓ Library of self-soothing & emotional regulation tools (Worth $700)

✓ Access to all my other courses & masterclasses (Worth $1700):

    - Slow Dating: How to pick people who are good for you 

    - Set Boundaries like a Boss

    - Inner Child Healing for True Love

    - How to Detect, Avoid & Stop Attracting Narcissists

    - Unchained from Love (Break free from your trauma-bond)

    - Opening the Heart (Move from Fear to Love & Authenticity)

     ...and more!

Meditations & practices for trauma & inner child healing
✓ Expert Guest Talks (Recorded & Live) 

What you will receive...

Next Live Workshop in March

Limitless Living 

Use Authentic Empowerment for more clarity, freedom & success

Get Started Today!




Per Month

Access to my signature program Healing Anxious Attachment & Guest Talks 

Access to all my other courses & masterclasses 
Access to workbooks, meditations & nervous system regulation tools

Free entry into the Community Space where you can post your questions & interact with other members
Free access to live monthly workshops & Q&A calls with Cassandra 


Cancel anytime! 




Lifetime Access to my Healing Anxious Attachment program, Guest Talks & all future workshops

Lifetime access to all my other courses & masterclasses 
Lifetime access to workbooks, meditations & nervous system regulation tools

Free entry into the Community Space where you can post your questions & interact with other members
Free access to live monthly workshops & Q&A calls with Cassandra

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Secure Sign up


" I was able to let go of an extremely unhealthy relationship & and dissolve old beliefs that were holding me back from my greatness.

I feel more relaxed & more bonded to myself than ever before.

Joining Cassandra Secure in Love program was THE best decision

I have ever made." 

Lydias testimonial on Healing Anxious Attachment (included in the membership): "I loved every second of the program!The course really helped me to understand and deal with my triggers. It was a very nice container & I definitely recommend it..." 

  • What is not included?
    - Flights - Transport to and from the airport - Lunch (you get to explore the great restaurants in the area & recharge during your lunch break) - Alcoholic beverages and drinks - Visas - Tips
  • What are the payment, cancellation & refund terms?
    All cancellations must be sent in writing and will be effective on the date on which they are received by the company. Cancellation charges are payable as follows: – Deposits are non-refundable* – Under 60 days of the retreat start date, 100% of the total cost is not refundable (unless you find someone to replace you OR we have someone on the waiting list. It is not the responsibility of the organizer nevertheless to find a replacement)* Please read all the terms here:
  • Which areas will we visit?
    We we be based in Ubud and explore the surrounding areas. Temples, Spa , Sound Healing, Water Purification Ceremony and more. All this with our own private driver and mini-van!
  • How can I contact you?
    You can email me at or DM me on instagram @iamcassmichael You can also book a free info call here:
  • Do I need a vaccine or PCR test to travel to Bali?
    No you don't. A vaccine certificate or PCR test is not required. *June 10th Indonesia removed Vax requirements:
  • What food will you serve?
    Upon reservation we will send you a questionnaire where you can let us know of any allergies and food preferences. The food will be from fresh, organic produce and for the first few nights in Ubud we will be taking you to our favourite top-rated restaurants. Lets just say the food will be another highlight :)
  • When should I arrive in BalI? How does transport work?
    I suggest arriving one day before the retreat starts so you can rest and ground. Check-in will be at 2pm on Friday, April 19th 2024. Transport is your responsibility. You can use Grab or Gojek and get a taxi from the airport for around $15. All will be included in the welcome pack!
  • Should I get an insurance?
    YES! We strongly suggest that each trip member purchase individual travel insurance for their trip. It can be a minimal expense for the benefits it provides. We suggest that you include the “cancel for any reason” option and a policy that includes medical coverage. The best way to protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstance is to purchase trip insurance. Travel insurance can protect you in case: - You cancel your participation in the retreat - Retreat is cancelled due to weather, natural disaster, political upheaval, war, or not enough participants to run the trip - lost or delayed baggage - medical expenses should you become ill or injured We recommend getting an insurance that includes "cancel for any reason" coverage. Here is an article (with some providers) on this:
  • How many people will join the retreat?
    This is a small intimate group of 8-10 participants, so everyone will get personalised attention.
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