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The Breakdown

I was in a very unhealthy relationship, filled with anxiety, miserable at work and my soul was craving for its true purpose. I felt exhausted. Completely out of alignment and I knew something had to change.

So I decided to quit my corporate job and wander off to Buenos Aires alone with only $2000 in the bank. No Spanish, no money, just this burning courage & desire to feel whole. To feel at peace. To feel in alignment once again. 

This was 12 years ago. 12 years ago I embarked on one of the biggest adventures of my life which was also the start of my spiritual and personal development journey. 

The Sign

The first few days I was walking around Buenos Aires and I came across a sign which said "Redefining Happiness" - this is why I am here I thought! It almost felt like it was placed there just for me. 


So that became my goal; to get really clear on who I am, what makes me happy, why I was attracting unhealthy relationships & evaluate if I am surrounding myself with the people who allow me to be the best version of me. 

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You don't have to settle. 

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My Rebirth 

41 countries later, a job change from corporate to coaching, multiple plant medicine ceremonies,  10 years of intensive trauma healing, limiting belief work & academic studies...I broke free from my unhealthy relationship patterns, healed my anxious attachment, reconnected with my authenticity & my purpose and I am now living my dream life in Bali. 


I knew I wanted to bring this knowledge to more people. I knew that coaching was my souls' purpose. And my passion is to help you reconnect with your true essence, by releasing everything that is holding you back from true happiness & real love. 

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Deep Connection & Authenticity 

The reason we are here is to give and receive love.

This is what gives us meaning. 

This is the key to longevity, health & happiness.

I know you are longing for this type of reciprocal love, 

one that helps you to grow & expand. 

My Approach


I have a holistic approach that combines mysticism, science & intuitive coaching to give you results in record time. After each session, you will receive practical tools that you can use daily so you can become your best healer. I combine the best modalities that I have encountered over the past 10 years into a proven framework that has a 99% success rate. 

We address mind, body & spirit. And some of the modalities I use are EFT, inner child work, subconscious reprogramming, transformational coaching, shadow work, CBT, intuitive coaching, shamanic healing, energy healing, compassionate inquiry & mindfulness-based techniques. 

Bridging science & spirituality


My Qualifications 

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I have an Masters in Science (MSc) in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London, a Diploma of Personal Coaching from Kingstown College, Dublin, I'm a certified EFT and Pranic Healing Practitioner. I also have a certificate in "Embodied Attachment Therapy" from the Embody Lab and multiple certifications in trauma-informed modalities & coaching. 

I'm not a Relationship Coach

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I won’t give you tips on how to make him or her ‘want you more’ or what to say to appear more confident. I won't encourage you to play ‘hard to get" so that you are more ‘desirable’. I won’t give you dating hacks or strategies so you can become more ‘magnetic’,  ‘charming’, or ‘desirable’


These are all things you can naturally embody, once the trauma, blockages, and limiting beliefs are out of the way.


I am done with seeing surface-level work in therapy. I don’t want you to waste your time or money getting awareness but no tools to actually make a change. My approach will give you tools you can use daily to become your own healer.


My approach is all about helping you to REMEMBER. To remember your power, remember your innate worthiness, and remember that deep self-love that resides in your heart. Remember that all the answers you are seeking are within you.


You have forgotten because of this dark cloud. The cloud is made of trauma, conditioning, fear, and limiting beliefs.


And this cloud has been hanging over your head for years. Making you feel stuck, uncertain, and lost.


Let's clear that cloud together so you can reconnect with your light. With your essence. With your purpose.

I'm a shadow worker. A trauma healer.
A seer. A channel for the divine.

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Are you ready to feel confident, strong
& secure in your relationships & in life?

Then let's chat & explore the possibilities! 

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