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What Others Say

"I do feel more securely attached now. I feel 100% confident that I can commit and open my heart..."

Alex from the US

"My anxiety has decreased by 80%...I don't feel lonely anymore..I feel confident for the first time in my life, I feel more secure, enough & powerful. It's like there's nothing I can't tackle..."

Maria from Greece

" I was able to let go of an extremely unhealthy relationship & and dissolve old beliefs that were holding me back from my greatness.

I feel more relaxed & more bonded to myself than ever before.

Joining Cassandra Secure in Love program was THE best decision

I have ever made." 

"I loved every second of Healing Anxious Attachment" ! The program really helped me to understand and deal with my triggers. It was a very nice container & I definitely recommend it..." 

"Cassandra brings the perfect mix of cognitive knowledge, science, spiritualism, realism, and kindness.  She is both Eastern and Western approaches.  She is balanced in the knowing and the magic.  I guarantee that you have not worked with someone like her.  She will challenge you with the hard questions in the kindest and softest ways.  If you are looking for the answers...she has them." 

Pam Rapoza

The experience with Cassandra was to be honest life-changing...I was in a toxic relationship and I knew I needed help...

Rinske from The Netherlands

After the program, I met someone, and we have achieved this deep type of connection that I have never experienced before in my life...

Joyce from Hong Kong

I met this guy...and it's turned into something I could have never imagined. He's kind, he cares, he has a big heart, he's emotionally available...

Anna from The UK

Four of my former clients speak about their transformations after working with me and the new relationships they have attracted (it's only 3 minutes!):

"Cassandra's program was such an eye-opener. I had been in a relationship with a narcissist for 22 years and I was scared to start dating again as it had taken a lot of strength to end the relationship. I learned what I want and need and this was a huge step, as I'm normally very focused on everyone else's needs. I learned about the massive cost of being too nice, how to set boundaries and what a secure and healthy relationship looks like. There was so much new learning in this program, it's paced well. Cass is a fantastic facilitator and I loved being in a group of empaths learning and growing together. I miss the sessions!"

Kay from the UK

"After following Cassandra's program I am setting boundaries and I am able to face confrontational situations with more ease. I've become braver. I've been able to let go of people who were disrespecting me without feeling guilty or like I was being 'mean'. I learned how to be even more authentic & expressive of who I am and my emotions despite what others think..."

Fawn from The USA

"I felt like tapping on my trauma was a miracle...

...the change, the healing, the self-development, I have seen with Cassandra cannot be written in words, it can only be felt"

Raksha from the USA

"Cassandra gave me an alternative way to think about life and helped me organize my thoughts and emotions. I was in a turbulent place a year ago, but I was able to break the cycle gradually after every session with her. For me Cassandra is a combination of a best friend, family, psychic, life coach, and a therapist. She helped me become solid again with her guidance, meditations, and following through on my progress.

Nola from Lebanon

"Cassandra is a highly self aware, knowledgeable, compassionate person who has a deep expertise on the dynamics of building healthy relationships. By doing this program, I learnt a lot about my childhood wounds, emotional triggers and inner trauma which needed healing. I learnt ways to be self compassionate to come to peace with myself, set boundaries with people who often took my efforts and me for granted and to build deep & meaningful relationships through vulnerability."

Sonal from India

"This has been an absolutely life-changing experience and I am so grateful I made this investment in myself. Cassandra's intuition is striking and I highly recommend working with her. She made me realize and work through things I had no hope to ever resolve. I am now making major changes to my life I was only dreaming about before. The group sessions provided a safe space to allow myself to go beyond my comfort zone and catalyze my personal growth. It has been a true pleasure working with her. "

Birgitta from Sweden

Working with Cassandra, I learned how to create healthy boundaries in relationships, we discovered my trauma bond and how to break it, and I said goodbye to my narcissist ex for good. I learned what love really means and what I now deserve, which I know is going help me create loving healthy relationships in the future. If you’re struggling with getting to that next level in relationships, don’t hesitate book her transformational sessions today! 💕 it’s worth every penny

Emma from the UK

Cassandra has a way to inspire you to be honest with yourself so you dare to move beyond ingrained limiting beliefs and social conditioning. I’ve now taken concrete steps towards a more fulfilling life and feel more resilient when doubts about my choices crop up in my head or from others.

Thomas from Sweden

Cassandra helped me do exactly that, “Redefine Happiness”. I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders, as my fears and doubts were no longer seen as unacceptable feelings with mystery causes. Together, we pinpointed my strengths and weaknesses and worked on building on both, in the all-encompassing sphere of self-love and acceptance. Her support was and continues to be an indispensable ally in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all.

Andria from Athens

Cassandra has made me more hopeful about recovery from anxiety throughout my daily life. She goes 5 extra miles to support me before, during and after a session and I am so grateful for her guidance during a really difficult time for me. I can 100% recommend her as an empathetic, expert and dedicated professional. She is a delight and I'm so glad I found her.

Taylor from New York

I had numerous sessions with Cassandra in a complicated period of my life. She was open to all topics and helped me to simplify my problems. She has a great mix of empathy and professionalism with a great sense of humour on top. I highly recommend her.

Grete from Amsterdam

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