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A 3-month journey toward self-worth, self-confidence & secure relating

Start Date: November 8th


You deserve a reciprocal love.
One that lights up your heart & nourishes your soul


This program is for you if you want to...


Release obsessive thinking & (relationship) anxiety. Instead experience inner-peace, contenment & self-trust.  


Stop chasing or choosing avoidant partners, instead attract reciprocal & healthy love


Learn to set boundaries easily & effortlessly, without guilt or shame 


Know how to tell the difference between fear, anxiety or intuition when choosing a partner 


Release feelings of loneliness & instead feel connected, whole & at peace 


Attract soul-aligned relationships, because you are showing up from a place of authenticity & confidence


Reconnect with your needs, learn how to voice them with ease & navigate tension in relationships easily 

*This program is both for single and partnered individuals...

THROUGH Healing Anxious Attachment 

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Remember your worth & stop choosing and chasing
people who don't
choose you
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Feel confident & set boundaries with ease.
Become more authentic & magnetic.
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Feel calm & release feelings of loneliness. You will be able to relax & enjoy the present
moment fully


This is not your typical online program.

Every session will include shamanic healings, group coaching, scienced-based theory & groundbreaking tools you can use daily. 

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Month 2: Healing the Inner Child


Release fear of loneliness & abandonment


Heal abandonment & neglect wounds


Break the pattern of choosing avoidant & incompatible partners


Rewire limiting beliefs


Heal your trust wounds & cultivate self-compassion


Release anxiety, stress & obsessive thinking patterns

Month 1: Reconnection with Self


The origins of anxious attachment


Self-discovery & identifying core needs


Minimize obsessive thinking


Nervous System Regulation & releasing anxiety


Telling the difference between fear and intuition


Learning to identify avoidant partners 

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Month 3: The Rebirth


Learn to cultivate secure & healthy relationships


Set boundaries & communicate your needs


Feel strong, grounded & confident 


Feel rooted in self-worth & self-love


Trust yourself & release self-doubt 


Attract & choose people who are good for you & your nervous system 

Are you ready to feel confident, strong & secure in your relationships?

Client Transformations

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Just a few years ago I was overcome by loneliness & sick and tired of attracting one-sided relationships that were a source of hurt and anxiety. I used to settle for less than I deserved, I struggled to set boundaries and I always felt unappreciated. And most importantly I had this yearning for love that was excruciating. It felt like a void in my heart.

Sound familiar?

Following two spiritual awakenings, traveling to over 50 countries, 1000s of hours of studying, inner work & facing my demons I managed to heal my attachment wounds and remember who I truly was. The result?

Confidence, inner peace, self-worth, self-trust & reciprocal, loving relationships. I am now living my dream life in Bali from a place of wholeness & I want to help you achieve the same. 

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I am here to help you remember. Yes. It is 100% possible to heal your early attachment wounds and come back to your true, authentic Self. It's time for you to have the deep intimacy, connection, inner peace, and reciprocal relationships you desire. 


I have created an incredible trauma-informed framework using positive psychology, somatic attachment therapy, inner child work, subconscious reprogramming, CBT, parts work, compassionate inquiry, spirituality, and more!


I have taken the best modalities I have encountered both personally & professionally and created a 3-month program that will transform the way you relate to yourself, others, and the world.


Take my hand, dear one, and let me show you the way back to yourself. To your innate worth.
Back to Secure love...


"After the program, my anxiety levels have decreased by 80%...I don't feel alone anymore...for the first time in my life I feel confident, secure,'s like there isn't anything I can't tackle."

Do you also want to feel
confident,calm & secure?


Program Inclusions 

What you will receive...

✓ Nine live 90-min group healing & coaching calls (everyone will receive personal coaching!)
✓ Weekly recorded lectures, workbooks, tools & meditations 

✓ Lifetime access to all materials & recordings

✓ Private Whatsapp group for extra support & community
✓ Bonus 1: 4-week meditation program “From Fear to Authenticity" 

✓ Bonus 2: Guest talk on "The Art of Saying No", By Romi Grossberg

✓ Bonus 3: Workshop: "From Dysregulation to Connection using the Breath", by Santi Ramirez

✓ Bonus 4: Live Guest Talk - "Essential tools for building confidence" by Yota Trom, Leadership Coach 

✓ Bonus 5: Library of self-soothing & emotional regulation tools


Waistlist bonuses

If you sign up now you get:

✓ A 90min personal Trauma Healing session with me worth $500
✓ A discount of $7
50 (!) on the full program price  

✓ Unchained from Love Workshop - Break free from your trauma bond & never repeat the pattern again (Worth $97)

$1347 in bonuses

Hurry! Offer valid until September 5th.

The Investment - Waitlist Pricing




$750 off! + bonuses

Offer expires Sep. 5th




X 3 installments

$750 off! + bonuses

X 3 installments

Offer expires Sep. 5th

Healin AA - Sign up


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Only 2 spots available!

Only 2 spots available! 

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