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A 9-day spiritual adventure
to reconnect with your true self & your purpose, through mysticism, adventure, healing & play.

SEPTEMBER 14 - 22, 2023

Are you ready to reconnect with your true Self &

step into your authenticity?

So you can flourish in love & life. 



Come Home to Yourself

Join us for the spiritual adventure of a lifetime. 

To reconnect with your true essence,

your power, your purpose


To remember who you truly are.

This is not just another retreat

Workshops - Waterfalls - Secret Temples - World Class Healers

Balinese Culture - Incredible Food - Mystical Spots 


A snapshot of the experience... 

Image by Aron Visuals

Sacred Temples


New Moon Cacao Ceremony

Majestic Waterfalls

Majestic Waterfalls


Family Constellations, Inner Child & Shadow Work

Incredible Rice-Terraces

Incredible Rice-Terraces


Embodiment Practices

Receiving Blessings

Local Blessings

Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Image by Ball Park Brand

Deep Connections




Blue Lotus Breathwork

Holy Temples

Holy Temples

Connecting with the Culture

Balinese Culture

Shamanic Meditations

Sun-Kissed Beaches

Sun-Kissed Beaches


Join us in Bali!

Let me show you my secret spots on the island of the gods. Let me introduce you to my favourite healers. Come and experience this incredible island with me and see why I chose it as my home (after 10 years of travelling)

Travelling has always been my catalyst for growth and transformation...

This is why I didn't want to host "just another" retreat where we sit at a hotel all day knee-deep in workshops & processing. Instead, I wanted to give you the full experience. 


Healing, exploration, fun, connection, culture, nature & play.

It's through this type of exploration, through the merging of the inner & outer worlds that we can truly meet ourselves.

My goal for this retreat is for you to remember who you are.


To remember your purpose, your power, & that you are a limitless being of light. 


I will be guiding you with my dear friend & one of the most gifted healers I have met...

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Anca Dinut

Holistic Therapist & Soul Realignment Practioner 


I am a Theta Healing practitioner, Reiki Master, and a Soul Realignment practitioner.


I work intuitively and I am able to quickly identify where in your life you should bring healing and change. Some of the methods I use are inner child work, energy healing, shadow work, spiritual guidance and channeling, and frequency healing!

I would love to see you in Bali!

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