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Release Relationship 


Release overthinking & doubts. Relax in the present & become more secure.

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In this free session, learn to relax in the present and enjoy your relationships to the fullest...


This masterclass is for you if...


You are often filled with doubts & intrusive thoughts in your relationships or while dating.


You are afraid that you will never find love


You have a harsh inner critic & feel like you can't "get it right" in relationships


You see yourself or have been labelled as "needy" or "clingy"


You tend to choose unavailable love and this becomes a source of pain & heartbreak 


You consume a lot of energy and time on relationships. You are afraid of disappointing others

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During this free 90-min session you will get practical tools to...


Release obsessive thinking about how often or fast someone texts you


Let go of second-guessing & what if's in your relationships


Release doubts that your partner will leave you or that you will never find love


Process feelings of loneliness & feel more connected


Feel lighter, empowered & more confident 


This is for single & partnered individuals!

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Hey Love, I’m Cass

Intuitive Trauma Healer & Relationship Coach (MSc)


I'm here to help you feel connected & experience authentic love. With yourself, the world & in a sacred partnership. We are hardwired for connection and relationships are the foundation for true happiness & wellbeing, yet so many of us feel disconnected & have never felt cared for, held & supported. So many of us are limited due to childhood wounds, limiting beliefs & unhealthy patterns that just get in the way. 


My mission is to show you how to heal relationship patterns, let go of fear & reconnect with your true essence so you can finally make space for deep intimacy & healthy love.

I have a holistic approach that combines trauma & inner child healing, shadow work, positive psychology, subconscious reprogramming, EFT, intuitive coaching, and shamanic energy healing.  

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