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let me help you break free from unhealthy relationship patterns & reconnect with your authentic self so you can welcome deep intimacy & love into your life.
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Do             feel like you...


Attract emotionally unavailable or incompatible partners


Find it hard to say "no" & set clear boundaries


Have been hurt in the past many times and  find it hard to trust again and surrender


Are often anxious & engage in obsessive or self-critical thinking 


Are being negatively impacted by certain traumatic events or memories 

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Feel like relationships are "hard" and you "aren't able to sustain or navigate them"

I know how you feel.

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I have spent years in unhealthy relationships, controlled by my anxious attachment style, people-pleasing, and placing other's needs over my own. I believed I had to perform for love.

That's when I started to take accountability for my reality and saw how my limiting beliefs and core wounds were running the show. I cultivated the courage to go inward and face my shadows. This is what changed everything. 
I broke free from my unhealthy relationship patterns & now I want to share all my learnings & tools with YOU. 


By cultivating awareness, releasing trauma, healing core wounds, reprogramming limiting beliefs and cultivating self-love. My holistic methods include...


It is time for you to step into the

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To attract a conscious relationship.
To set healthy boundaries.
To release emotional blocks.
To feel calm, grounded and empowered.
To reconnect with your true essence & authenticity.

And elevate the relationship with yourself,
others and the world. 
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1-on-1 coaching


Eight 60-minute private online coaching calls 
Nine 90-minute live group coaching calls
Email recap with notes & exercises after each session
Interactive workbooks & evidence-based intervention
Personal support on Whatsapp
10% discount on future workshops & retreats 

Access to my VIP resource library (meditations, guest talks, recorded masterclasses & workshops).

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Are            ready to...


Heal your attachment wounds & inner child so you can have healthy, deeper & more loving relationships. 


Courageously set healthy boundaries so you never attract narcissistic or emotionally unavailable partners again. 


Build confidence & create a stronger sense of self, so that you trust yourself (and others) fully.


Be unapologetically yourself without fearing rejection, so that you can magnetize a soul-aligned partner


Start cultivating self-love and self-worth, so you never settle (for toxic relationships) again.

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Are you ready to reclaim your power & have wildly fulfilling relationships?

Let’s start your journey towards authentic love... 

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