2-hour Intensive Online Workshop
Unchained from Love

Break your trauma bond and don't repeat the pattern again. 

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Working with Cassandra, I learned how to create healthy boundaries in relationships, we discovered my trauma bond and how to break it, and I said goodbye to my narcissist ex for good. I learned what love really means and what I now deserve, which I know is going help me create loving healthy relationships in the future. If you’re struggling with getting to that next level in relationships, don’t hesitate book her transformational sessions today! 💕 it’s worth every penny

Emma from the UK

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*Unchained from Love is both for those who are currently in a relationship or have separated (and don't want to repeat the same pattern).

This 2-h workshop is perfect for you if:

~You are currently stuck in a toxic relationship or trauma bond and you don't know how to get out. Your partner has narcissistic traits & the relationship has impacted your confidence & self-esteem

~ You have separated but you are overwhelmed by obsessive thoughts and you are afraid to get sucked back in. You need support to stick to your decision & heal.

~You know your relationship is unhealthy but
you are afraid of making the wrong decision, ending up alone & "wasting" the time invested in the relationship, so you stay

~You have a history of toxic relationships with narcissistic partners. You want to learn how to spot red flags so you don't repeat the same patterns next time around. 

~ You have separated multiple times only to feel this magnetic pull that takes you right back. The good times (and especially the sex) are SO good that you continuously justify the bad. 

~You find it hard to say "no" & set clear boundaries. You have lost yourself in the relationship and don't recognize who you have become. Or, if you have separated, you struggle to stay "no-contact" & keep getting sucked back in.

~ You identify as an empath. You see that your partner's abusive behavior comes from a place of pain. You hope that with just enough love, they will heal (but so far this has not been the case).




Hi, I'm Cassandra!

Holistic Trauma & Relationship Coach (MSc).

I get it.

I've been there.  

I have spent years in toxic & narcissistic relationships, controlled by my anxious attachment style, people-pleasing, and placing other's needs over my own. I believed I had to earn love. That I had to sacrifice myself for love. I would invest in potential, only to be disappointed time and time again. I was replaying old childhood dynamics and this was getting in the way of healthy love and my inner peace. ​

After years of inner work, I broke free from my unhealthy relationship patterns & now I want to share all my learnings & tools with YOU. 

On top of my personal experience,  I have an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London and a Diploma of Personal Coaching from Kingstown College, Dublin. I am also a certified Pranic Healing and EFT Practitioner. All my teachings are evidence-based, tried, and tested. They just work. 

I have condensed over 10 years of personal experience, academic knowledge & hundreds of hours of in-depth client sessions into a transformational 2-hour intensive workshop.

Don't waste any more time in pain, settling for breadcrumbs, and in a constant state of anxiety & self-doubt. It doesn't have to take you 10 years to break free from your trauma bond as it did for me. 

During this 2-h workshop
I will show you how to regain confidence,
set firm boundaries, & start trusting yourself
so you can break free. 

"This program was such an eye opener. I had been in a relationship with a narcissist for 22 years and I was scared to start dating again as it had taken a lot of strength to end the relationship. I learnt what I want and need and this was a huge step, as I'm normally very focused on everyone else's needs. I learnt about the massive cost of being too nice, how to set boundaries and what a secure and healthy relationship looks like. There was so much new learning in this program, it's paced well. Cass is a fantastic facilitator and I loved being in a group of empaths learning and growing together. I miss the sessions!"

Kay from the UK - Participant of my group coaching program 

In Unchained from Love you will learn how to...

- Spot red flags, understand the empath - narcissist dynamic & identify what healthy love looks like, so you don't repeat the same patterns again. 

- Courageously set healthy & firm boundaries, so you don't get sucked into the relationship once again. 

Build confidence & self-trust, so you can make decisions from a place of strength & conviction. 
- Regulate & take charge of your thoughts & emotions, so you can let go of obsessing & feel inner peace.

- Stop settling for less than you deserve and leave the relationship without guilt or shame.  


Are you done wasting time & hurting?

Claim your relationship freedom & inner peace now. 


  • 2h live workshop with Q&A

  • Recording with lifetime access

  • Boundary Cheatsheet

  • Journal prompts & exercises

  • 1 Bonus expert training


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The Art of Saying "No"

By Romi Grossberg 

Author, Holistic Counsellor & Public Speaker

Empaths find it particularly difficult to not only set boundaries, but to keep their boundaries. In this workshop learn why we all need boundaries. Learn how to say no without guilt and stress. Boundaries are empowering and keep us safe. Whilst many put a negative connotation on the word, boundaries are actually an act of self-love. 

Note: This talk is recorded

Client Love

"With Cassandra's guidance I am setting boundaries and I am able to face confrontational situations with more ease. I've become braver. I've been able to let go of people who were disrespecting  me without feeling guilty or like I was being 'mean'. I learned how to be even more authentic & expressive of who I am and my emotions despite what others think."

Fawn from The USA

After working with Cassandra, I met someone, and we have achieved this deep type of connection that I have never experienced before in my life...

Joyce from Hong Kong

"Cassandra is a highly self aware, knowledgeable, compassionate person who has a deep expertise on the dynamics of building healthy relationships. By working with her, I learnt a lot about my childhood wounds, emotional triggers and inner trauma which needed healing. I learnt ways to be self compassionate to come to peace with myself, set boundaries with people who often took my efforts and me for granted and to build deep & meaningful relationships through vulnerability."

Sonal from India

"This has been an absolutely life-changing experience and I am so grateful I made this investment in myself. Cassandra's intuition is striking and I highly recommend working with her. She made me realize and work through things I had no hope to ever resolve. I am now making major changes to my life I was only dreaming about before."

Birgitta from Sweden

"...the change, the healing, the self-development, I have seen with Cassandra cannot be written in words, it can only be felt..."

Raksha from the USA