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The Foundations of 



Create a solid foundation for healing anxious attachment & get practical tools to release relationship anxiety 

For only $97


Come to a place of calm, peace & confidence. 


Do you have anxious attachment tendencies? Are you desiring to release relationship anxiety and come to a place of calm, balance, and confidence? Then this challenge is for you! 


Before we embark on a journey to heal our early attachment wounds it is imperative that we have a strong foundation in place. That we can unpack our triggers & coping mechanisms from a place of regulation, self-compassion & resilience. 


Attachment trauma first and foremost creates a disconnection from Self.

So, we have to first repair that connection in order to heal and become Secure.


This challenge is focused on exactly that


For 9 days, each day you will receive an email including a short video lecture, journal prompts & practical tools you can use daily to decrease anxiety, reduce obsessive thinking & create the foundations for deep healing. 

You are not Alone 

Let's navigate relationships Together

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I'm an Intuitive Trauma Healer & Relationship Coach (MSc)


I'm here to help you feel connected & experience authentic love. With yourself, the world & in a sacred partnership. We are hardwired for connection and relationships are the foundation for true happiness & well-being, yet so many of us feel disconnected & have never felt cared for, held & supported. So many of us are limited due to childhood wounds, limiting beliefs & unhealthy patterns that just get in the way. 


My mission is to show you how to heal relationship patterns, reconnect with your authentic self & become Secure, so you can make space for deep intimacy & healthy love.


9 Days - Mini Lectures - Journal Prompts -
Practical tools that work


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What you will receive... 

✓ Daily emails for 9-days including short video lectures,  journal prompts & tools to create the foundation for secure relating

✓ One guided inner child healing session to combat loneliness  

✓ Whatsapp group to connect with like-minded souls from the challenge

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$ 97

Special Valentines Offer

$ 320

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Challenge - Join now
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Core Themes


Creating Awareness


Reconnecting with the Body, Mind & Heart


Applying the learnings in real life situations 


Release stress and anxiety 


Feel safe in your body 


Minimize obsessive thinking


Rewire negative thought patterns 

Tools to...


Release loneliness & feel connected

For only $97

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