MEXICO - JULY 25 - 31, 2022





For brave & adventurous souls who crave deeper connection & want to shift emotional blocks to create space for authentic love. 

THROUGH                              YOU WILL


Heal your inner child and open your heart to love

Identify your shadows and dissolve your barriers to love

Learn to trust yourself & others again 

Step into your authenticity & relate with others from this place

Shift emotional blocks to feel deeply and show up vulnerably

Manifest your dream relationship or strengthen your current one


Are you ready to have your heart cracked open?

To reconnect with your true self.

And create space for deep, authentic love...


 This retreat is not for everyone.


It's for the brave, adventurous, and heart-driven individual who wants to feel more. Who is ready to open up and welcome authentic love.


12 people will be hand-picked to create the most mystical & impactful journey for all. 

This will change your life.  

Where we'll be staying

Huasca del Ocampo. The first "magical village" of  Mexico, Huasca Del Ocampo. Urban legend says goblins, fairies & elves live in its' enchanted forest.


Only a few steps away from the 100-year old Manor which will be our home for 1 week, explore exquisite rock formations called Balearic Prisms, which can only be found in a handful of places around the world.

Huasca is the real Mexico, far from the tourist crowds and only 1,5 h away from the sacred pyramids of Teotihuacan where we will experience a mind-blowing hot air balloon ride over the sacred site. 


Yes, the peak of the retreat will be our plant medicine (and Temazcal) ceremony...but I'll tell you more about that on our call when you apply! 

Nature, Shamanic Adventures
& Sacred Ceremonies

Accommodation - La Casa Azul Huasca
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Your hosts


Cassandra Michael
Holistic Trauma & Relationship Coach (MSc)

High-achieving men and women come to me to shed conditioning, trauma & limiting beliefs so they can reconnect with their power & experience extraordinary relationships. 


I bridge science with spirituality and through my intuitive coaching approach, I help my clients get to the root cause & shift things in record time. 


I have an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London and a Diploma of Personal Coaching from Kingstown College, Dublin. I am also a certified Pranic Healing and EFT Practitioner.

Chala Garcia
 Yoga Teacher & Psychedelic Coach 

Empathic, present and grounded are the words that best describe Chala. She committed to the work of inner-healing after a depression  and has been expanding through Yoga, meditation, plant-medicine and intuitive singing ever since. 


Chala loves teaching humble yoga classes that allow students to enter into calm and centered forms of movement. In her work as a Psychedelic coach, she supports clients through the preparation and integration phases. Her offerings are both mindfulness-based, with a focus on compassion and acceptance. 

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Our Journey:


- Awareness, Wisdom, Seeing in the Dark -

We deep dive into shadow work practices and discover any blocks you have towards opening to & receiving love. You will see your blind spots & pave the way for deep healing. 

Shadow Work  Embodiment Practices ⧩ Shamanic MeditationsInquiry


- Releasing the past, Death & Rebirth -

Here we will release anger, resentment, shame & anything that is still keeping our hearts closed. We will discover inner child wounds and emotional blocks alchemizing them into wholeness. 

You will shed what no longer serves you & be reborn.

 Inner Child Healing  Peyote Ceremony Temazcal  ⧩ Emotional Release Practises


- Integration, Authenticity & Power -

Here you will integrate all the learnings & call back any power you have lost. From a place of inner union & open-heartedness, you will connect with your authentic self & get clear on the relationship you want to call in

You will stand in your power, not settle for less & show up confidently from a place of wholeness & authenticity.

Authentic Expression Inner-Union⧩ Shadow Integration Relating with an open heart


- Feeling whole & connected, Manifesting Love, Trusting   -

Here having integrated the insights and teachings, you will feel lighter & more connected with yourself, the universe & those around you.

With an open heart, rooted in presence, authenticity & wholeness, you become magnetic for a healthy & beautiful relationship. You feel hopeful, see the possibilities & trust the timing of your life. Your strong connection with source & your heart, enables you to either call in your dream relationship or open yourself further in your current one. 

Hot Air Balloon Ride ⧩ Teotihuacan Activation Ceremony, ⧩ Manifestation PractisesTrust & Surrender  Radical Discernment 

Client Love

"After working with Cassandra, I met someone,

and we have achieved this deep type of connection that I have never experienced before in my life..."

Joice from Hong Kong

""...the change, the healing, the self-development,

I have seen with Cassandra cannot be written in words, it can only be felt..."

Raksha from the USA

"Cassandra is a highly self aware, knowledgeable, compassionate person who has a deep expertise on the dynamics of building healthy relationships. I learnt a lot about my childhood wounds, emotional triggers and inner trauma which needed healing. I learnt ways to be self compassionate to come to peace with myself, set boundaries with people who often took my efforts and me for granted and to build deep & meaningful relationships through vulnerability."

Sonal from India

"I followed one of Cassandra's programs and I can't recommend her enough! I met this guy, and it's turned into something I couldn't have imagined. He's kind, he cares, he has a big heart, he's emotionally available..."

Anna from the UK 

"This has been an absolutely life-changing experience and I am so grateful I made this investment in myself. Cassandra's intuition is striking and I highly recommend working with her. She made me realize and work through things I had no hope to ever resolve. I am now making major changes to my life I was only dreaming about before. The sessions provided a safe space to allow myself to go beyond my comfort zone and catalyze my personal growth. It has been a true pleasure working with her. "

Birgitta from Sweden

What's included?


Rise in Love Package
Starting from $ 1750
Only 10 spots left!

  • 6 nights accommodation in a private room

  • Intake session prior to retreat 

  • 3-4 hours of workshops, group coaching & teachings per day

  • Workbooks, tools & resources

  • 12 hour private Plant Medicine ceremony with shaman, 5 helpers, live music, tents, & sleeping bags at sacred site

  • Hot Air-Balloon Ride over the Pyramids of Teotihuacan

  • Closing ceremony at the Pyramids of Teotihuacan

  • Traditional Temazcal ceremony

  • Waterfall Exploration

  • Daily dance/yoga /meditation (we will alternate)

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (delicious vegetarian food)

  • Water, tea, coffee

  • All ground transportation in Mexico (from airport to the hotel, the peyote ceremony, the sacred sites & back to the airport)

Rise in Love
VIP Package 
Only 1 spot available!

  • Everything included in the Rise in Love Package

  • 6 nights accommodation in a luxury private room with fireplace & bathtub

  • Access to my online Shadow Work program: "Return to Wholeness" worth $333 after the retreat 

  • Two day 1-1 in person intensive with Cassandra after the main retreat to fully integrate the learnings and go deeper (4 hours per day, accommodation at  5-star resort in the sacred valley of Tepotzlan, full board & transport).  

  • Two touch up 60-min 1-1 coaching sessions with Cassandra that you can use within a two month period after the retreat

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