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For highly sensitive souls who want to break their trauma bond and not repeat the pattern again

For only Є97!

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You deserve a reciprocal love. One that lights up your heart & nourishes your soul. 


This masterclass is for you if you...


You are currently stuck in a toxic relationship or trauma bond and you don't know how to get out.


You have separated but are overwhelmed by obsessive thoughts & feel you can't live without them even though you know the relationship is bad for you 


You have a history of unhealthy relationships with narcissistic or emotionally unavailable partners. 


You find it hard to say "no" & set clear boundaries. You feel like you give and get nothing in return.


You identify as an empath. You see that your partner's abusive behavior comes from a place of pain. You hope that with just enough love, they will heal

DURING Unchained from Love 

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Learn to spot red flags & choose people who are good for you & your nervous system
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Feel calm, strong & confident by learning how to self-regulate & set boundaries
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See the relationship with radical honesty & make the right decision without fear
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Dear one, 


I see you. I see your light. And I see all the ways in which you are staying small. I see your capacity to love, but also your fear that is standing in the way. I can feel your heart yearning for more, but it is terrified of abandonment, loneliness and rejection. 


I feel your wounds deeply as if they are my own, but I want to let you know that you are not broken. You are powerful beyond measure. You have the power of 1000 seas to move mountains and to dissolve this fear that is standing in the way. You just have to remember. 


I can help you to reconnect with your power. I can guide you to remembering your innate worth and the fact that you are the creator of your reality. 

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Aren’t you tired of being driven by your limiting beliefs, your past and your conditioning? Are you ready to break free from this so you can create a NEW narrative right now? One where everything you desire is already yours. 


I know you are yearning for love. A type of love that helps you to expand more into your beautiful uniqueness. A love that helps you to harness your gifts and bring them to the world. A love that reminds you everyday of your sacredness and your true purpose on this earth. I know you yearn for a love that will help you to transcend the confines of this physical body, and one that will remind you of your divinity again and again. 


Take my hand, Dear one, and let me show you the way. The way back to yourself. To your innate worth.
Back to authentic & secure love...


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With Unchained from Love you will receive... 

✓ 2-hour recorded masterclass with Cassandra - lifetime access

✓ One bonus expert masterclass titled "The Art of Saying No"

by therapist Romi Grossberg (Worth $300)

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$ 97

Special Offer

$ 333

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Are you ready to feel confident, strong & secure in your relationships?

Then my program Healing Anxious Attachment

might be for you!

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