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Hi I'm Cassandra! I am a Positive Psychology & Mindset Coach (MSc) for Empaths  

Are you a highly sensitive?


I can help you feel grounded, centred and empowered, so that you can thrive in any social situation, set healthy boundaries, attract loving relationships and feel a complete sense of belonging and inner peace.



By practising awareness, releasing trauma, healing core wounds, reprogramming limiting beliefs and cultivating self-love.

Some of the methods I use are Positive Psychology, Mindset Coaching, Shadow Work, Energy Psychology (EFT), Inner Child Healing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 


I will help you break free from unhealthy relationship patterns so that you can attract relationships that make you feel nurtured, supported and free.



I will empower you to take control of your thoughts and emotions, so that you can manage mood swings and feel a sense of groundedness and inner peace.


I will help you build confidence, set healthy boundaries and release what no longer serves you, so that you can fully step into your power.


Self-love is the foundation for healing. If you don't believe that you deserve happiness, then you definitely can't manifest the life, & relationships you desire. 


Hi I'm Cassandra!

I have been exploring topics related to psychology, personal development and spirituality for over 10 years. My mission is to help highly sensitives take control of their emotional wellbeing, release limiting beliefs and cultivate self-love so that they can fully step into their power and have the relationships, career and life they desire.   


I have an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London and a Diploma of Personal Coaching from Kingstown College, Dublin. 

I am also a certified Pranic Healing and EFT Practitioner.

As seen on... 

Nola from Lebanon 

Cassandra gave me an alternative way to think about life and helped me organize my thoughts and emotions. I was in a turbulent place a year ago,

but I was able to break the cycle gradually after every session with her.


For me Cassandra is a combination of a best friend, family, psychic, life coach, and a therapist. She helped me become solid again with her guidance, meditations, and following through on my progress.


Cassandra Michael 

Positive Psychology and Mindset Coach (MSc)

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