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Heal & Rise


Brave & conscious individuals come to me to heal relationship patterns, become secure & make space for authentic love.

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FREE 45 minute powerful discovery call with Cassandra

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Come Home to Yourself

Step into your power & self-worth.
Set boundaries with ease.
Feel confident, grounded & free.

Have the wildly fulfilling relationships you desire.

Bridging mysticism, intuitive coaching, and scientifically proven methods, I will show you how to elevate your relationship with Self, life, and others.

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Hey Love, I’m Cass

Intuitive Trauma Healer & Relationship Coach (MSc)


I'm here to help you feel connected & experience authentic love. With yourself, the world & in a sacred partnership. We are hardwired for connection and relationships are the foundation for true happiness & wellbeing, yet so many of us feel disconnected & have never felt cared for, held & supported. So many of us are limited due to childhood wounds, limiting beliefs & unhealthy patterns that just get in the way. 


My mission is to show you how to heal relationship patterns, let go of fear & reconnect with your true essence so you can finally make space for deep intimacy & healthy love.

I have a holistic approach that combines trauma & inner child healing, shadow work, positive psychology, subconscious reprogramming, EFT, intuitive coaching, and shamanic energy healing.  

Let's Work On...

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Release Relationship

Free Masterclass & Healing Session


March 5th, 2023



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Are you ready to elevate your relationship with Self, life & others?

Book a free & powerful discovery call and start your journey towards happiness and love.

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My goal is to guide you back home to yourself. To help you REMEMBER.


To remember your power, your truth, your innate worth, to remember the deep self-love that resides in your heart.

My intention is that through these words, you may start to feel this burning in your heart. The burning is your soul’s knowing. I want you to remember who you are. Just like I did. I want you to see your power, your beauty. I want you to internalize that you are an unstoppable force and God is within you.

Take my hand, dear one, and let me show you the way. The way back to yourself. To your heart. To your innate worthiness. To the unshakeable conviction that what you are seeking is already yours. 

I stand with you. Always.


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