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Inner Child Session 
aling Loneliness"

March 30th, 9pm ET

For only $33

This session will create a powerful shift for you on a somatic, subconscious & energetic level...

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This powerful live healing session will help you...


Release & process feelings of neglect, abandonment & loneliness


Shift limiting beliefs & emotional blocks around disconnection 


Feel more connected, whole & at peace 


Experience oneness, unity and support

Thursday, March 30th
9pm Eastern Time

*A recording will be made available, but I recommend attending live to reap the

full benefits

For only $33


Not sure what to expect? 

It will be a guided visualization (like a meditation) where you will connect with your inner child (the young version of you). I will then combine other elements rooted in energy healing, parts work, trauma healing & subconscious reprogramming

to enable deep healing.  

I call it shamanic because we will connect with your higher self & guardian angels (or spirit guides) and transmute the loneliness into other more expansive emotions. It will be a deeply spiritual and healing experience. 

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