Emotional Mastery

for Empaths 

Let me help you feel grounded,  centered and at peace

"As highly sensitives we feel the world way more intensely than others. As such, we are more prone to stress, anxiety and subsequent physical problems, like digestive issues and adrenal fatigue."

- Cassandra Michael 

Do you...

~ Have intense mood swings?

~ Feel ungrounded and scattered?

~ Get overwhelmed by crowds and busy places?

~ Often feel depleted energetically, to the point that some days you can't even get out of bed?

~ Feel like you are "too sensitive", "moody" or "overly dramatic"?

~ Feel like an outsider that does not belong?

~ Suffer from social anxiety and often avoid social gatherings?

~ Feel other people's pain and suffering as if it's your own? 

Then let me help you...

~ Learn how to manage your energy and the energy your absorb from others 

~ To ground yourself so that you feel calm and centered 

~ To take control of your thought patterns so that you can then influence your emotions and more clearly work towards your goals 

~ To create a stronger sense of self where you can set healthy boundaries, stand up for what you believe and be authentically you without reserve


~ Release suppressed emotions from past trauma that acts as triggers and is fueling limiting patterns to this day 

~ Move from victim to creator by taking control of your mental and emotional state

~ Embrace your sensitivity as a super power and start using it to your benefit 

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Cassandra has made me more hopeful about recovery from anxiety throughout my daily life. She goes 5 extra miles to support me before, during and after a session and I am so grateful for her guidance during a really difficult time for me. I can 100% recommend her as an empathetic, expert and dedicated professional. She is a delight and I'm so glad I found her.

Taylor from New York