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1-1 Coaching

"Sovereign & Free" 

Set clear boundaries 

& take back your power

Let me show you how to set clear boundaries 

& take back your power...

So you can (re)create the nurturing relationships you deserve 

from a place of confidence, integrity & self-worth

Follow my Signature 1-1 Coaching Program and Feel...





Does this sound like you?

You tend to other people's needs before your own.

You identify with being an empath or highly sensitive.

You find it hard to say "no" & set clear boundaries 

You give 110% and often feel exhausted.

Overgiving is your default state.  

You don't express your truth because you are afraid of conflict & of losing those around you. 

If this resonates...then you are also probably TIRED... 

TIRED of engaging in the same self-sabotaging patterns

TIRED of giving and getting nothing in return 

TIRED of feeling tired & unappreciated 

TIRED of not "figuring out" relationships, while for others it seems so damn easy!

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I know how this feels.


I also know how to shift it — without losing what makes you you.

Hi, I'm Cassandra, Positive Psychology & Mindset Coach (MSc).

I show highly sensitive people how to take back their power in their relationships. 

As an empath myself, I have spent years in unhealthy relationships, people pleasing and placing other's needs over my own. I believed I had to perform for love. This ended up in me feeling depleted, resentful, ungrounded, angry & most importantly unhappy. I was not aligned with my authentic self and this was costing me my relationships and my inner peace. 

After embarking on a deep healing journey a few years ago, I broke my people pleasing patterns & healed my inner child who was so desperately craving for love. I'm so grateful to be able to share my learnings & tools now with you. And just like I have enabled hundreds of my clients, also show you how to take back your power and start setting boundaries so you can embody your true essence - that of Sovereignty & Freedom


Our tendency to put other people's needs before our own happens because we derive our self-worth from how happy we make others. The key here is to internalise an unshakeable self-worth and believe that you are worthy of love, that you don't have to perform for love, you don't need to discount yourself for it. It is your birthright.


I have an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London and a Diploma of Personal Coaching from Kingstown College, Dublin. I am also a certified Pranic Healing and EFT Practitioner.


In my coaching program Sovereign & Free, we cover things like setting boundaries, dismantling limiting beliefs, releasing guilt and knowing your worth...so you can start giving yourself as much love as you've been giving those lucky enough to be around you.

 Ready to take back your power? 

Through this 1-1 coaching program, I will empower you to...

- Set clear & firm boundaries effortlessly, so you can (re)create the loving & nurturing relationships you deserve. 

- Fill your cup first without guilt, so you can feel energised & show up as your best self.

- Get clear on who you are & what you want, so you can express your needs from a place of empowerment  

- Be unapologetically yourself without fearing rejection so you can free yourself from heavy expectations.

- Communicate boundaries with ease, so you never feel that awkwardness in the pit of your stomach again.

- Build confidence & create a stronger sense of self, so you can speak your truth with conviction. 


- Cultivate an unshakeable self-worth, so you can be met with respect & appreciation by those around you. 

- Ground your energy & feel centred in social settings (hint: boundaries are also energetic) 

Working with Cassandra, I learned how to create healthy boundaries in relationships, we discovered my trauma bond and how to break it, and I said goodbye to my narcissist ex for good. I learned what love really means and what I now deserve, which I know is going help me create loving healthy relationships in the future. If you’re struggling with getting to that next level in relationships, don’t hesitate book her transformational sessions today! 💕 it’s worth every penny

Emma from the UK

 Yes! I want to be Sovereign & Free! 


Sovereign & Free

4-month Personal Coaching Program 

Some of the key pillars we will be covering are:






Learn how to set healthy and clear boundaries without guilt or shame. 

During the program we will look at the different types of boundaries and I will guide you through a process that will give you the awareness and tools you need to set healthy and firm boundaries without shame or guilt. There will also be concrete communication tips of ways to express boundaries and release the discomfort that might often arise. 

Setting boundaries is actually an act of self-love and by doing so we strengthen the relationships dearest to us. 

Self-Worth & Self-Esteem

Create a stronger sense of self by identify your needs & knowing your worth

Knowing who we are, what we want and what we truly deserve are paramount in creating the lives and relationships we desire.  I will take you on a process of self-discovery so you can redefine what makes you happy. We are so used to catering to the needs of others that we have forgotten our own! If you don't know what you need & want, how can you communicate it to others?

Authenticity & Vulnerability 

Reconnect with your authentic self & have the courage to show up and be seen

We shy away from being authentic and vulnerable because we fear rejection. We will identify all the ways you "armour up" and I will help you to find the courage to lower your mask and be seen. Let's release the fear of rejection and work towards being unapologetically yourself without reserve. My goal is to help you internalise the idea that rejection does not exist; it's merely redirection towards where you are meant to be.  


Feel comfortable & grounded in your own skin 

When we feel comfortable in our own skin we can unapologetically be ourselves and communicate our truth. I will help you overcome the limiting beliefs and conditioning that have been keeping you small, so you can take back your power and feel free to be yourself

My Methodologies ​

  • Positive Psychology

  • Mindset Coaching

  • Shadow Work

  • Trauma healing & emotional release 

  • EFT (tapping)

  • Inner Child Healing & Reparenting

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

What's included?

~ Eight 60-minute private online coaching calls 

~ Four 90-minute private online sessions for inner child & trauma healing

~ Email recap with notes & exercises after each session

~ Interactive workbooks & evidence based  interventions

~Unlimited personal support on Whatsapp or Voxer


~10% discount on future workshops & retreats 

~ Access to my VIP resource library (meditations, guest talks, recorded trauma release sessions).


Don't take it from me!

See what a current client says 

about the power of my sessions!

"I felt like tapping on my trauma was a miracle...

...the change, the healing, the self-development, I have seen with Cassandra cannot be written in words, it can only be felt"

Raksha from the USA

 Ready to take back your power? 

More client love... 

"Cassandra came into my life at just the right time. Not only did she help me out of my burn-out (which no other classical psychotherapist has managed to do), but I finally got to know myself, my boundaries and my emotions. I am infinitely grateful to her for allowing me to become a better and – above all – happier version of myself. Thank you for everything! 

Lulu from Germany

As an empath I highly value connection, trust and compassion. And I was looking for someone who did not only listen, but would help me in finding solutions. Cassandra offers all of it. She helped me work through my fears and challenges and equipped me with tools and techniques, that I can use, whenever they pop up again. She helped me to build confidence & set healthy boundaries. Moreover, she was always there to support me, also in between sessions. She is not only your coach, but will be like your best friend who truly cares and wants to help you indeed.

Natali from Germany 

"Cassandra helped me to Redefine Happiness...I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders, as my fears and doubts were no longer seen as unacceptable feelings with mystery causes. Together, we pinpointed my strengths and weaknesses and worked on building on both, in the all-encompassing sphere of self-love and acceptance. Her support was and continues to be an indispensable ally in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all.

Andria from Athens

Cassandra gave me an alternative way to think about life and helped me organize my thoughts and emotions. I was in a turbulent place a year ago, but I was able to break the cycle gradually after every session with her. For me Cassandra is a combination of a best friend, family, psychic, life coach, and a therapist. She helped me become solid again with her guidance, meditations, and following through on my progress. Can't thank you enough!

Nola from Lebanon

I highly recommend working with Cassandra if you are willing to understand how you function, where you are doing well and where you can help yourself. She's an amazing listener. I felt safe, heard and supported. Cassandra uses easy to implement tools that help in day to day life. Her work is about going back to self love and healing and from there all life areas get better. 

Rim from Tunisia

 Yes! I want to be Sovereign & Free!