Free Live Healing Session

Shamanic Heart Healing
 Sunday, June 5th, 2022

A live shamanic healing session to help you break down the walls you have built around your heart & dare to open more to love & life.

This session is for you if:

  • You have been hurt in the past and you feel guarded or distrustful

  • You people-please or find it hard to be your authentic self

  • You fear rejection or abandonment

  • You struggle with intimacy or commitment, or relationships just seem hard

  • You feel stuck in life like things aren't flowing

  • You find it hard to trust yourself & discern the difference between fear and intuition

  • You are often fearful & are afraid of taking risks


After this session, you will...

  • Feel connected, open & free

  • Let go of past hurts & pain

  • Have the courage to be more vulnerable & take risks

  • Be more open to giving, receiving & attracting love, 

  • Experience more flow states 


Time:  11am New York / 5pm Amsterdam

*There will be a recording available for 24hrs, but try and make it live so you can receive the full energy transmission