Self-Love Coaching

For Empaths

"Self-love is the foundation of ALL the inner work we do. If we feel unworthy of love, happiness and fulfillment then we surely won't be able to attract it into our lives."

- Cassandra Michael 

Do you...

~ Struggle to set healthy boundaries and speak up for yourself?

~ Need a lot of external validation and attention from others?

~ Attract unhealthy or abusive relationships? 


~ Struggle to be vulnerable and authentic because you fear rejection?

~ Have a strong inner critic that judges and compares with others?

~ Fear conflict and rejection? 

~ Stay small in order to people please and keep the peace?

~ Find it hard to be assertive and voice your truth?

~ Feel you are a perfectionist? 

Then let me help you...

~ Create a stronger sense of self where you can set  boundaries with ease, stand up for what you believe in and be authentically you 

~ Let go of the tendency to compare with others and honour your own unique journey instead

~ Release suppressed emotions, heal traumas and core wounds to create the foundation necessary for self-love

~ Embrace your sensitivity as a super power and start using it to your benefit 

~ Cultivate self-love on a daily basis by making decisions that are for your highest good

~ Have the courage to be vulnerable and create supportive and meaningful relationships

~ Turn your inner critic into your inner coach so that you can support your wellbeing and thrive. 

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Break Free From Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

Cassandra has made me more hopeful about recovery from anxiety throughout my daily life. She goes 5 extra miles to support me before, during and after a session and I am so grateful for her guidance during a really difficult time for me. I can 100% recommend her as an empathetic, expert and dedicated professional. She is a delight and I'm so glad I found her.

Taylor from New York