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Break free from unhealthy relationship patterns 

"In our relationships we tend to replay old childhood dynamics. The child that was not seen or heard will often attract emotionally unavailable partners."

- Cassandra Michael 

Do you...

~ Have a history of attracting partners who are emotionally unavailable, narcissistic or do not treat you with the respect you deserve?

~ Have difficulties in identifying what your needs are and honouring them?

~ Find it hard to set healthy boundaries and try to avoid conflict at all costs?

~ Give 110% and then are left disappointed and hurt when your efforts are not reciprocated?

~ Find it hard to let go, trust and be vulnerable?

~ Fear losing yourself (again) in a relationship?

Then let me help you...

~ Set healthy boundaries and speak up for yourself without fearing conflict or rejection 

~ Identify the main reason why you tend to attract unhealthy relationships.

~ Release suppressed emotions and trauma (using EFT) connected to this pattern

~ Learn about the power of reparenting and start cultivating self-love on a daily basis to heal core wounds fueling this pattern

~ Identify red flags, so you can make choices that are for your highest good

~ Cultivate a strong sense of self-worth, so you can say "No" to what no longer serves you


~ Break this pattern once and for all and attract a relationship where you feel loved, nurtured, supported and free

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Break Free From Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

I was lucky enough to stumble across one of Cassandra's workshops, right when I needed some guidance regarding my current relationship. It was eye-opening! We meditated, we journaled, we connected. It was immensely healing and I resonated with a few of the souls there really deeply.


I'd go as far as saying meeting Cassandra that day changed my life a little bit - my relationship, which I had been on the verge of ending - is now stronger than ever. Go redefine happiness with this woman!

Becky from Amsterdam