Boundaries, Authenticity & Self-Love

4 Month Group Coaching Program

Start Date June 7th 

"When we don't practise setting healthy boundaries, we will continue to attract people who take advantage of us not having any.

Reminder: Boundaries are an act of self-love"

- Cassandra Michael 

Do you...

~ Have difficulties in identifying what your needs are and honouring them?

~ Find it hard to set healthy boundaries and try to avoid conflict at all costs?

~ Give 110% and then are left disappointed and hurt when your efforts are not reciprocated?

~ Find it hard to let go, trust and be vulnerable?


~ Feel uncomfortable in speaking your truth? Not sure what words to use?

~ Fear losing yourself in relationships?

~ Engage in people pleasing and feel guilty when you tend to your own needs? 

~ Feel low on energy and depleted because you catering to the needs of others, instead of your own?

Then join me for this program and let me help you...

~ Develop a strong sense of self, so you can say "No" to what no longer serves you without guilt or shame

~ Set healthy boundaries and speak up for yourself without fearing conflict or rejection

~ Get clear on your authentic self, your needs and what truly makes you happy. Live life on your own terms. 

~ Fill your cup first and feel more energized and grounded on a daily basis

~ Cultivate self-love, self-worth and self-confidence with practical daily tools

~ Feel happier and at ease in existing relationships. Strengthen the bond.


~ Attract new relationships where you feel safe and supported and can easily communicate your needs, .

~ Have the courage to be vulnerable and speak your truth. Learn assertive & effective communication skills.

~Take your power back: Release resentment and silent anger.



By practising awareness, releasing trauma, healing core wounds, reprogramming limiting beliefs, cultivating self-love and taking conscious action.

Some of the methods I will be using are: Positive Psychology, Mindset Coaching, Shadow Work, EFT (tapping), Inner Child Healing, Reparenting and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

What's included in the 4 month program?


  • 24 hours of group coaching. We meet once a week online (every Saturday or Sunday) for a 2 hour session (after three sessions there is a week break for integration)

  • Intimate group of 4 people max - I will coach everyone in the group & you can learn from one another. 

  • Email recap with homework, exercises and worksheets 

  • Email or WhatsApp support (I will respond within 24 hours)

  • A WhatsApp group to share and support one another

  • Free access to my online 4 week meditation program “From Fear to Authenticity" 

What's the investment?


€250 / month (4 instalments)


Get a 15% discount if you pay in full: €850 for the full program 


When do we start?

June 7th!

 Cassandra gave me an alternative way to think about life and helped me organize my thoughts and emotions. I was in a turbulent place a year ago, but I was able to break the cycle gradually after every session with her. For me Cassandra is a combination of a best friend, family, psychic, life coach, and a therapist. She helped me become solid again with her guidance, meditations, and following through on my progress.Can't thank you enough.

Nola from Lebanon


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Start Date June 7

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