Premium 2h Workshop

Boundary Breakthrough
for Empaths

Thursday, November 4th, 2021
8 am New York / 12 pm London

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For empaths who want to feel grounded,
speak their truth, and learn to say NO,
without guilt or shame


Does this sound like you? 

  • You identify as being an empath or highly sensitive person

  • You find it hard to say "no". In turn, you feel depleted & unappreciated.  

  • You take on other people's energy & emotions. Social situations often exhaust or overwhelm you. 

  • You feel like you give but don't get much in return

  • You avoid conflict at all costs 

  • You feel selfish or guilty if you express your needs

  • You often feel anxious, ungrounded, or restless 

  • You have a history of toxic relationships and feel like others often take advantage of you.

  • You sometimes lash out and feel waves of resentment & silent anger  

If you responded YES to most of the above, then you need to work on your boundaries & learn how to ground your energy!

Healthy boundaries =

Reciprocal & satisfying relationships,
more energy & inner peace

Boundary Breakthrough for Empaths

Secure your spot now 
& take back your power!

What will you get? 

  • 2h live workshop (with Q&A)

  • Lifetime access to the recording

  • An interactive workbook to dive deeper usually reserved for my VIP clients

  • Bonus: Practical Boundary Cheatsheet (with sample phrases you can use in your daily life!)

  • Bonus: Daily grounding & energy cleansing routine for empaths

After this workshop you will: 

  • Understand the anatomy of an effective boundary & the foundation of boundary setting. 

  • Discover the 5 different types of boundaries & how to get better at setting them. 

  • Learn how to communicate boundaries effortlessly without guilt or shame. 

  • Identify your "boundary blocks" and how to start overcoming them.

  • Understand how your upbringing has influenced your people pleasing tendencies & what you can do about it

  • Get practical tools to ground your energy as an empath and stop taking on other people's emotions

Practical details: 

  • The workshop will take place on Thursday, November 4th at 8 am New York / 12 pm London on Zoom

  • If you miss the live session, you will get lifetime access to the recording! 

Sales Ended

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Fawn Jessie

"After working with Cassandra I am setting boundaries and I am able to face confrontational situations with more ease. I've become braver. I've been able to let go of people who were disrespecting me without feeling guilty or like I was being 'mean'. I learned how to be even more authentic & expressive of who I am and my emotions despite what others think."

"Cassandra is a highly self aware, knowledgeable, compassionate person who has a deep expertise on the dynamics of building healthy relationships.  I learnt a lot about my childhood wounds, emotional triggers and inner trauma which needed healing. I learnt ways to be self compassionate to come to peace with myself, set boundaries with people who often took my efforts and me for granted and to build deep & meaningful relationships through vulnerability."

Sonal from India